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Standard Alerts

*Climactic Up Move (5min)
*Climactic Down Move (5min)
!Social Networks in Action
*Turbo Breaks
+Up 3% or More Reporting Earnings Today
-Down 3% Or More Reporting Earnings Today
+High Volume Moving Average Breakouts
!See it Before the Breaking News
+Up Big in Pre Market
-Down Big in Pre Market
!Highs and Lows with Volume Surge
+Under $20, Moving Up Fast
+Down Big Yesterday but Up Big Today
+Bottoms - Pattern Recognition
-Tops - Pattern Recognition
+Up 50 cents in Last 5 Minutes with Volume Spike
+Rallying off of the Bottom
+Yearly Highs
+Bullish Candlestick Patterns
-Bearish Candlestick Patterns
+Overbought Based on RSI Above 70 on Daily and 15 Minute Chart
-Oversold Based on RSI Below 30 on Daily and 15 Minute Chart
+Stocks Up 5 Days in a Row
-Stocks Down 5 Days in a Row
+Up Big in Post Market
-Up Big Yesterday but Down Big Today
-Showing Weakness
-Down Big in Post Market
-Sell Up Trend Hold 3 Days 56.7.9 % Success Rate Profit Factor 2.97
-Short Overextended Up Move- Hold for 45 Minutes67.7% Success

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